AWS (Amazon Web Services) offers a robust cloud platform with flexible and agile cloud computing services and solutions. AWS has widened in scope to support process automation and continuous delivery of products by the companies using DevOps. These supporting services help companies to manage their IT infrastructure, automate software processes, and closely monitor to enhance the productivity and improve delivery timelines.

AWS Developing Tools Supporting DevOps

AWS offers extended support to DevOps practicing enterprises with a range of AWS developer tools featuring strong capabilities to ensure process automation and continuous delivery of products.


Widely used AWS developing tools include CodeCommit, CodeBuild, and CodePipeline to help developers adhere to the DevOps best practices:

· Software Release Workflows: AWS CodePipeline is a developing tool for enhancing software release workflows. It allows you to maintain seamless integration and the continuous delivery of applications and updates. It is responsible for continuously building, testing, and deploying code with the latest changes while allowing you to maintain pace with frequent feature and code updates.

· Build and Test Code: AWS CodeBuild extends code building capabilities that include speedy processes to compile source code, run and test code, and produce software packages effortlessly. It extends great agility by enabling the codes to be built and tested concurrently without having to wait in a queue, requiring any provisioning, or scaling the build servers.

· Deployment Automation: Using AWS CodeDeploy helps you to automate the deployment of EC2 instances and on-premise servers, making the release process of the latest features agile. It enables you with the swift handling and integration of application updates while reducing the downtime observed with deploying applications.


· Unified CI/CD Projects: The AWS CodeStar tool helps in mapping the DevOps best practice of continuous integration and continuous delivery of software products. With CodeStar you can efficiently manage your software building process on AWS and get a release-ready code.

AWS for DevOps

AWS for DevOps is the premier platform because of the following key features:

· Easy to use and get started

· Offers fully managed services with no additional cost or effort to set up, install, or operate the infrastructure


· Highly scalable to offer flexible compute services

· Offers powerful command line and programmable interface

· Helps to readily automate manual tasks including development, testing workflows, managing container and configurations, and much more


· Offers utmost security through AWS identity and access management services

· Offers pricing advantage with pay-as-you-go subscription model


Observing significant dependency of organizations on the Cloud and cloud computing services, DevOps engineers are required to have in-depth technical knowledge of the AWS cloud services and tools which can help them utilize DevOps successfully.


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